AK83003 Storage Box Set 5in1

author: Manwah Cheung

Item Name: AK83003 Storage Box Set 5in1
Category: Home Storage
Usage: Living Room Storage
Material: PP
Size: 36.5*26*26cm/set; (Biggest: 36.5*26*24cm; Bigger: 36.5*26*16cm; Small: 36.5*26*7cm; Smaller: 25.8*18.3*16cm; Smallest: 36.5*26*24cm)
Weight: 2467.5g; (767.5g; 634g; 446.5g; 358g; 261.5g)
Color: Customized Color
Product of Original: Zhejiang Province, China
Packing: Sticker with Barcodes, Polybag
Carton Size: 56*40*58cm, 4 sets per carton; or 38.5*27.5*28cm, 1 set per carton;